Marketing Links

Through our marketing links you can double your profits or your charity contributions Where you can easily reach and interact with your target audience even if you don't have a website!

Deep smart links

Is a smart short-link that can be used from a platform or mobile and redirects the user to perform a task.
It is a smart-link because:
- It locates the user.
- Identifies the platform or device type.
- Flexibility in redirecting (Can open a website, send a tweet, facebook like .. etc)


Reliable redirection

Redirects the user to the target page even if the app is not loaded

Flexible redirection

Any redirection procedure is performed based on the platform the user is on (SMS sending, Web page opening..)

Automated actions

Just by clicking on the link, the user is directed to performing the tasks mentioned

Deep link creator

You can create links that perform the tasks of:
- Sending Emails -Sending SMS
-Sending tweets -Starting phone calls

Control panel

You can create and edit links and their URL without changing the content

Analytics tool

To analyze the performance and interactions of your links


Increasing your App downloads

Users will see the desired content you are marketing for (including any offers) when they download your App

effective campaigns through email

Smart deep links + email campaigns= improved interaction rates

Boosting your marketing campaigns

Weather it is through social media or SMS or any other platform

Reaching new customers

Converting desktop users to mobile users.

Marketing through the user's sites

If you know the websites of your users, you can provide better and specific content for them, which would give you better invesment rates.

Payment through phone

Make payments easier and more accessible for your customers

Interactivity in your App

Increase interactivity with your customers with marketing campaigns that use smart links

Automated tweets

A smart link for sending a tweet that contains a promotional code for an App or product

Mobile Landing Pages

Smart and mobile friendly pages that are rich with media and text and contains many executable tasks.


Mobile friendly pages

Customized rich view for mobiles

Smart executable orders

Determins if the user is on mobile or desktop and accordingly opens a new SMS or opens the credit card payment tab for example

Can be shared anywhere

Shows its content where-ever it is shared, which increases the chances of being clicked


Can easily be created or edited at any time without changing the link for your campaign.

Analytics tool

Analyzes your interactivity rates and tracks progress towards your goals.

Web notifications

You can send notifications to Desktops or Mobile phones without the need to having your own website or App.


Better view for your App

Let your customers discover your App on their desktop or mobile before downloading it

Interactive notifications for Apps

You can direct notifications for the App with a premade landing page to increase interactivity

Effective Email campaigns

Rich Landing Pages + Email campaigns= better interaction rates

Double the effectiveness of your marketing!

With social media or emails or SMS

Payment through phones

Make payments easier and more accessible for your customers

Double you profits or charity contributions now!