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Practical point of sale device, battery powered and constantly connected to the internet.

SMS Charity

SMS Charity simplifies the process of donating and it can drastically increase your donations collected,
As the donator would have access to it anywhere and anytime


The quickest and easiest way for contributing to charities, with this app the whole process ois reduced to the click of a button. More than 6 Million AED in donations were gathered through iKhair

Marketing Links

Our marketing links allow you to substantially increase profits or charity contributions,
because it gives access to your target audience even if you do not own a website or mobile App! and you can achieve a greater level of interaction with your customersw

Mobile App development

With more than 15 Million mobile App users in the UAE, it is time for you to have your app to promote and integrate your business Altkamul develops applications with high standards for Android, iOS and PC.

Grow your projects with Altkamul!