3 Restaurant Reports that will keep you on track

April 17, 2022
Restaurant Reports

Running a successful restaurant requires plenty of effort. Along with delivering good food and customer service, business owners should constantly analyse their strength and weaknesses to stay ahead of the competition. This is where the role of report and analytics come into play. While most restaurant POS or management system provides a variety of data it is critical to understand the most crucial reports. Daily monitoring of important data is an efficient and convenient way to track and make better business decisions.

Reports are an all-around positive idea to do!

Not sure which food on your menu is the top performer? What about your employee’s punctuality? Restaurant reports allow you to keep track of your business and make required changes for the areas that are underperforming. This will help you further boost your business.
What if you could have all of this information at your fingertips?

Feeling scary or overwhelmed?
Yes, it is possible with a restaurant POS solution. A business owner can customise significant reports and get insights into the business operations. A restaurant point of sale system is traditionally used for billing and printing a receipt. However, the advanced restaurant POS system does more than just billing and accepting payments. It is a complete suite with smart features. The solution helps to automate and streamline operations by providing features like stock & inventory management, reporting & analytics, customer relationship management, and more.

What is a POS report?

A POS report provides you with all the business data gathered by your restaurant POS which gives you insights about your restaurant, cafeteria, or juice shop. It keeps track of inventory, sales, transactions, menu, prices, and much more. These business reports help you understand various data such as menu items, profit margins on popular foods, employee activities, etc. which helps you easily manage your business.

So, before finalising a POS for your restaurant, consider the following points that can benefit your restaurant.
Here are the three important restaurant reports.

  1. Employee Management Report
  2. The heart and soul of the company is its employees. Cloud-based restaurant POS system allows to track the employee activities from sales they made to hours they worked. The management system also allows the employers to manage permissions, schedules, and benefits for the employees. Employers can track and understand staff performance with the actionable reports at their fingertips.

  3. Sales Reports
  4. Sales is the fundamental aspect of a successful restaurant. The following are some of the sales KPIs that POS will track:

    • Total Sales – tracking sales and revenue generated
    • Daily Sales – Day-to-day purchases and returns
    • Sales by Tables and Sections- Sales grouped by floors, categories, or staffs.
    • Loyalty Program Sales – Details about the sales with discount and reward points

  5. Inventory Reports
  6. Restaurant inventory is a significant factor for running a successful business. POS reports enable us to know stock availability, inventory management, and much more. Inventory management is critical for protecting your business bottom-line. Thus, inventory reports play a crucial role in tracking food and cash from going to waste

The right technology partner for your restaurant business can help you streamline all your daily tasks and let you focus more on your business. Talk to us, we will help you integrate the best POS system that will increase the efficiency of your back house.