GroomTech’s Dashboard Magnifies Your Attention To All Of Your Salon’s Reports & Progress

December 5, 2019

GroomTech is the best POS Smart System that enhances any salon or beauty center that gets it implemented, buy enhancing the experience of the customers and by helping the owners manage their sales and stock.

Containing amazingly– strong and useful features through one system, GroomTech comes with a customized loyalty cards that are powered with NFC technology and are extremely customisable to match your customers’ needs.


The easiest way to monitor and track down your employees daily tasks, is through the incredible dashboard that comes with GroomTech.

It’s extremely simple to check on your salon employees’ daily tasks, and monitor how many of them are being recommended and getting booked by your customers, which will also help you in evaluating their performance and rating the strong strings from the others.

Checking your dashboard reports doesn’t require of you to be on the site of the salon; you can be at any place and access it at any time with the same speed and efficient user-interface which helps you to ease your eagerness to check your business updates when you’re out of the salon.