iSudent Launch at Gess Education’s Expo 2019

May 20, 2019

Altkamul Altiqani Computers took part at GESS Expo 2019, at Dubai World Trade Centre. Our Dynamic team of Marketing & Sales fused their talents at the three-days-expo, where we presented & activated one of our newest products in the Middle East and GCC Market, iStudent.

Now, some of you are wondering what iStudent is, so here is the brief: iStudent is a smart system that grants safety for school students, monitoring & live updates to parents & a smart system for school management of attendance & transportation reports of school buses.


We created iStudent, to tend to the needs of all of the school’s stakeholders since it holds a great amount of benefit for each one of them. Parents can monitor their children’s transportation to & from the school, and their lecture attendances as well on their mobile app. As for the school board, they are able to monitor & receive instantaneous reports on each student’s status for each learning day.

For instance, bus assistants have their own device that is connected to the dashboard, were they submit each student’s checkpoint, ensuring the child’s safety that he/is on board.

Aside of that, the class attendance is taken by the Teacher application, which can be downloaded through Android and iOS, ensuring that each attending & absent students are marked on the app which is linked to the school’s dashboard.

Students are also gaining high benefits from the iStudent since they are able to pay for their meals at the break time with their refilled ID card, which is powered with NFC technology. Parents are able to easily fill the cards with credit units which can be used for lunch, for school trip payments, and for other school facilities.

The ID card can also be used as a library card where the borrowed books could be marked by each students ID.


We met so many national teachers & global institute leaders at the GESS expo, and we were pleased to gain the interest in iStudent since the majority appreciated the advanced level and the technological aspect of the system.

Note: If you’re working at a school or you want to refer a school to us, feel free. You can click on our products page and go through the iStudent page where you may find suitable information, or you can contact us!

From Altkamul Team, we would like to thank all of the team at Tarsus Group which were extremely helpful & professional at organizing this innovative-educational event, and we hope for future collaboration on the upcoming seasons.