Smart Clean Pro – Laundry Management’s Smart Solution – Product Release

May 21, 2019
Smart Clean Pro

Altkamul Altiqani Computers proudly announces its product release, Smart Clean Pro. Do you own a Laundry business & you want to increase your profit margins and customer revenue? Smart Clean Pro is your full-cycle management solution, which is highly advanced and extremely user-friendly.

You might find yourself intrigued, on how we developed such product, and here is the behind-the-scenes- story of the making: In our early steps of development, we concluded that various laundry businesses suffer from the lack of customer loyalty, business management & various item-misplacements of customers’ orders. Hence, our dynamic team of researchers & developers were able to configure Smart Clean Pro, which combined all the solutions in one flawlessly smart system.

With Smart Clean Pro, placing orders has never been easier. Customers have a proper application where they are directly linked to the laundry agents at the store for their orders & deliveries. Even if it is an onsite order, Smart clean Pro comes with various POS terminals that are highly dynamic & easy to operate. Thus, making the stakeholder’s experiences much easier which reflects satisfactory results.

Smart Clean Pro has various features that help laundry owners increase their business income & gain their customers’ loyalty.

Some of Smart Clean Pro’s key features are:

  • Multiple Order Accessibility
  • GPS Route Mapping System
  • Queue Management
  • Item Misplacement Solution
  • Item Tagging & Tracking Technology
  • Portable & Stationary POS Terminals
  • Transaction Records & Data Analysis

There are many more features, which you can view on Smart Clean Pro’s page on our website, enlisted under the products tab. With Smart Clean Pro, customers receive a copy of their order’s receipt whereas the original is kept with the orders as a reference. Items are easily misplaced when they are in the servicing section of the laundry, and for that case, it is hard to keep track of every customer’s’ order. Hence, we conducted a tag that is placed with every item, containing an order ID number that words as an identifier.

id tag

How relieving will that be for the customer when they are receiving their items on time, and not a single item is lost? Or, how will the customers react when they know that the customer Loyalty system that Smart Clean Pro handles, contains various formats, such as SMS Promotions & Deals’ Cards? Now, that is something that cannot be neglected!

Thankfully, Smart Clean Pro has been receiving wonderful feedback from our current clients which we are in business with. We encourage every laundry owner that seeks a growth in their business, an increase in their organization’s efficiency, profit margins & revenue to get on board with Smart Clean Pro: A Clean Path to A Smart Success.