SUNMI: POS Terminal’s Successful Installation At Al Prince Restaurant

December 17, 2019

Our POS Mobile & Payment Terminalsare a quality of the art. Its technological features & proficiency levels in any adaptation of different business sectors.

Our unique devices are completely different than the market’s POS Mobile & Payment Terminalssince they are able to work and acclimatize to various case scenarios and have multiple usages according to our client’s requests.


This is the SUNMI Model, is our latest release of our Smart Terminals and it has been proven of great efficiency and accuracy from the fast purchases that begun shortly after its arrival.

Its qualifications stand independently between our variety of POS Mobile & Payment Terminals that we distribute in the UAE, MENA & International Region.

Our Success Story With

prince Restaurant

TAL Prince is known to provide a great quality of middle-eastern cuisine that cover most of the Arab countries’ traditional dishes in the most savory and delectable presentation.

Seeking our help, AL Prince needed a better solution for managing their restaurants process, which will increase their efficiency and management rates to a higher performance. This is where the SUNMI came into the situation as the ultimate and most practical solution along with our customized software for Restaurants & Cafes.

Granting AL Prince the SUNMI POS Terminal, which is powered by our customized smart software, AL Prince was glad to learn how valuable and pro-active our Point of Sale Terminal is to their usage. It made us proud of adding them to our valuable customer base, and we are very happy that every while, we’re receiving positive updates.