Website Launch

May 10, 2019

Today is a very special day. It’s the launch of our website in its new form!

Before we begin, we would like to thank all of our current clients that helped us reach to where we stand we would like to thank you for taking a part of our innovative team, and we hope our work will grow with you.

We want to celebrate with our current & newcomers the new launch which came with a variety of new products that satisfy the varies sectors, such as retail, laundries, carwash/car services centers, schools, beauty centers and much more.


We thrive to continuously provide you with the most innovative solutions that will support you and assist you in your business growth and profit increase.

Some of you might ask: “Well, you sound pretty interesting but my business does not fall under any of the mentioned sectors that you work with; will you be able to help?” and our unified answer will be: “We will customize a solution that matches your requirements, because you deserve the best when you’re working with the best.”

Earlier today, our Sales Manager, Mr. Ahmad Awad wanted to share his words on this delightful occasion. He mentioned: “I want everyone reading this to know that we are here to serve you on high scales.” He then continues: “Altkamul Altiqani Computers means unity, innovation, professionalism & top servicing. That is the definition we stand for, because that is how we operate as a team.”
Spoken like a true employee of Altkamul, Mr. Ahmad.

In conclusion of our first blog post, to you who’s reading and smiling back with high hopes, we promise that we will submit weekly blogposts for you to find out more about our top-of-the-tech products and our various activities throughout the year.