Best Store Solution to Increase your Business Sales

Integrate Smart E-Pay solutions into your business to gain a strategic view of your business operations. Capture the data related to all business activities and interpret it for improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Why Smart E-Pay Is Best

An all-in-one solution to handle customer transactions, payments, and inventory levels. Streamline your staff, access real-time data, and aid in customer marketing targeting.
Advanced Dashboard

Smart, customizable and responsive dashboard with powerful features to manage all your store operations.

User-friendly Interface

Feature a modern user interface that's far easy to use. Makes it easier to train your employees.

Simplified Operations

Ability to simplify crucial daily business operations with greater proficiency.

Cloud-based Secure System

Advanced cloud-based solution to effectively manage sales, inventory, and everything in between.

Multi-Branch Management

Create multiple menus, inventories, and manage multiple branches from a single spot.

24*7 Customer Support

Highly trained product specialists team to assist customers 24*7 through onsite, phone, email or chat.

Advanced Features

Stock Management

Stock management makes it possible to monitor daily stock movement, stock availability, and ensure that supplies never run low.

Order Management

Order Management allows you to manage all the orders and sales made through the cashier solution.

Product Listing

Product listing feature allows you to add categories or sub-categories of the products available in your store.

Daily Transactions

Transaction enables you to record and monitor the daily transactions that take place in your store.

Accurate Reports

Sales reports, inventory, customer satisfaction surveys, and other reports can help you grow your business.

Employee Management

Employee Management for easier time tracking and managing the staff to run your business smoothly.

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