Smart Solution Ideal for Restaurant Management

Keep your restaurant operations running smoothly and provide the best dining experience for your customers. Increase profitability & boost your bottom line with an all In one restaurant platform.

Dual Screen Multi-functional Cashier Solution for Restaurants

Smart Desktop Cashier System

  • Multi-functional Desktop Terminal
  • Power Android Apps & Quad Cortex CPU
  • Customizable Dual Display
  • Bluetooth, WIFI & Print Functionality
Complete Solution to Manage your Restaurant
All Multi-functional cloud-based cashier solution to manage the multiple branches and their operations effortlessly. Advanced solution built to meet the unique needs of restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and more.
Manage your Business Remotely
A comprehensive and easy-to-use cloud-based merchant application that can be used remotely provides you with all the required information about your daily business operations.

Kitchen Display Systems for Restaurants

Advanced Kitchen Ordering System

  • Android Apps & 4-Core Quad
  • Large Screen Display
  • Connect to WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Oil & Smoke Resistant
  • High Durability
Manage your Restaurant Orders and Sales with KDS
Optimize kitchen workflows, manage orders, and speed of service with the efficient Kitchen Display System (KDS). The solution keeps orders moving faster & gives total visibility and effective order management for your food business.
Empower your restaurant management with KDS
The advanced Kitchen Display System can be combined with your store's cashier management system to improve the efficiency of your food service operations.

Everything For You

Takeaway shops
Central Kitchens
Quick Service Restaurant

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